The Most Common Birth Defects

Anticipation, excitement, love, and nervousness are natural emotions when bringing a new life into the world. It is a time that can also bring concern and uncertainty along the way for parents. One of the worries many parents may face is the possibility of their child being born with a birth defect or congenital abnormality. ...
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Postpartum Depression and How to Overcome it

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes before, during, and after pregnancy. A lot of women have “baby blues” within the first few days after giving birth. This typically goes away within 5-7 days. Women who experience emptiness and sadness for more than two weeks may have postpartum depression. According to Medical News ...
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Healthy Lunch Options for Back to School

About School Lunches  Most children attending school in the United States typically spend 6-8 hours at school and consume the majority of their daily calories there. While a school is lunch provided for kids to eat, the menu is often limited and filled with junk food, fatty, or unhealthy options. It is said that schools ...
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A Car Seat Guide for New Moms

One of the first things you will need to take your baby home from the hospital is a car seat, but which one should you get? Which one is the safest? Well, here’s the good news. All car seats on the market are required to meet government safety regulations, so no car seat is going ...
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Preparing to Take Your Baby Home

It’s the day you have been waiting for…finally being able to bring the newest member of your family home. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you know that leading up to this highly anticipated day and throughout your pregnancy, there are copious amounts of things to get done to prepare for your baby’s arrival. However, ...
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Pros & Cons of Using a Pacifier

There’s no doubt that pacifiers are great for comforting your baby and calming their tears. However, if you are a new or expecting mom, it may have not even crossed your mind that there are setbacks to giving your baby a pacifier. It’s important to be aware of these setbacks as your baby grows and ...
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Breastfeeding V. Bottle Feeding

If you are expecting or a first-time parent, you may be wondering what the best choice is for you and your baby: breastfeeding or bottle feeding? The decision is dependent on your comfort level, lifestyle, and specific medical situations.   Breastfeeding Health experts highly recommend breastfeeding as opposed to formula, especially during the first 6 ...
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Should I Get the Flu Shot if I’m Pregnant?

The answer is YES! If you are an expecting mother for the first time, you may be wondering if it is safe to get your yearly flu shot. The flu shot is indeed safe for pregnant women and is in fact recommended for all pregnant women during the flu season by the Centers of Obstetricians ...
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