From routine check-ups to ongoing preventative care, Cool Springs Ob/Gyn has been consistently rated the #1 women’s health practice in Middle TN for gynecology. Our convenient Cool Springs location puts our comfortable offices in the heart of the Franklin and Brentwood area.

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Gynecological Services

Why See A Gynecologist?

Seeing a gynecologist help us understand our bodies and how we can keep them healthy. Your gynecologist will also help you understand the difference between normal and abnormal changes that happen as we age. Most importantly, maintaining regular appointments will ensure you and your doctor analyze and treat problems as they arise, along with providing guidance on how to prevent problems before they start. Your gynecologist teaches you how to protect yourself during sexual intercourse and can answer any “uncomfortable questions” professionally.


Dr. Jeffery Lodge is an expert in gynecology and making patients feel comfortable and safe during their appointments and prides himself on the relationships he builds with his patients. Lodge is a board-certified women’s health doctor in Tennessee.

When Should You Absolutely Visit A Gynecologist?

See a doctor right away if you:

  • Have pain or discomfort in your vagina, lower abdomen, or when you pee
  • Have changes in your vaginal discharge or odor
  • Think that you might have an STD (or that your partner might have one)
  • If you are a menopausal women and have experienced bleeding
  • If you feel a lump in your breast

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