About School Lunches 

Most children attending school in the United States typically spend 6-8 hours at school and consume the majority of their daily calories there. While a school is lunch provided for kids to eat, the menu is often limited and filled with junk food, fatty, or unhealthy options. It is said that schools offer food options which are more appealing to children so that they will eat and have the energy to learn. This is a weak excuse as school lunches like this promotes poor nutrition and bad eating habits for kids who need the proper nutrients to grow healthily. 

Getting the Right Nutrients

It is important for your kids to get all of the nutrients they need. What your children eat matters, especially when it comes to their academic performance. Recent research suggests that diet can affect thinking skills, behavior, and overall health. Foods that are processed and low quality are not recommended to consume daily. Because they travel through your system quickly and lack adequate fiber, they can cause inconsistency in your blood sugar levels. Having fluctuating blood sugar levels can cause harm to your brain, leaving you distracted and affecting your mood. 

Packing Your Children’s Lunches

There are plenty of benefits to packing your children’s lunch for their day at school. You are allotted more control over what your children are consuming while you aren’t around. This can especially be helpful for parents who have children with severe allergies. You can create a sense of variety in what your children eat versus them eating what the school cafeteria is offering that day. Here are a few examples of some ideal packed school lunches you can try for the new school year:


1.Turkey & Cheese Sandwich

Fresh Berries


Trail Mix


  1. Cheese Quesadilla


Fresh Fruit

Pumpkin Seeds


These meals provide variety and include multiple food groups for a nutritious and filling meal that your kids will love.