Women's Health Services

Women's Health Services

Cool Springs Obstetrics & Gynecology is dedicated to providing its patients with the latest advances in women’s health services. Our qualified OBGYN team uses the most current technology and offers the highest quality services.

Our care is best when it is based on a sense of partnership with our patients. This understanding allows us to work together to address your individual women’s health needs. Our helpful staff is dedicated to listening, sharing information, and providing patient education resources.

Allow us to assist you with your recommended gynecologic care or obstetric needs, as well as provide treatment for any issues that may require intervention or regular, managed care. Whatever your stage of life or women’s health needs, whether your visit is for pregnancyhormone therapy, or just your routine gynecologist visit, we are here to help maintain your health and ensure your well-being.

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We pride ourselves on providing excellent gynecologic care tailored to the needs of our individual patients, fashioning a care plan to suit your lifestyle and foster your sense of well-being. Our diagnostic capabilities include screening for breast cancer, ovarian cysts, and sexually transmitted diseases. We have expertise in the treatment of women’s health issues such as difficulties with menstruation, urinary incontinence, and endometriosis. We also provide services to diagnose infertility and assist with conception.

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As much as possible, we recommend and use laparoscopic surgical techniques. Laparoscopy (also called “minimally invasive surgery” or “key-hole surgery”) can be used to diagnose and treat abdominal and pelvic conditions, as well as perform more advanced procedures such as hysterectomies. Laparoscopic surgeries do not require large incisions and can speed up recovery by 3–4 weeks.

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Depending on your age and lifestyle, you may be considering an intra-uterine device (IUD) or tubal sterilization. We can perform either procedure in the office with minimal or no discomfort. The Mirena IUD is a small, hormone-releasing device placed in the uterus that can prevent pregnancy for up to five years. In addition, many women use the Mirena IUD to treat heavy periods. Tubal sterilization is permanent. It is easily performed in the office with no incision and minimal, if any, discomfort.