Pros and Cons of Getting Your Tubes Tied

Pros and Cons of Getting Your Tubes Tied If you are done having children or have made the decision not to have children, then you may want to consider a permanent form of birth control. Every woman has a different reason for choosing a permanent procedure like female sterilization as a form of birth control. ...
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What is Endometrial Ablation?

Endometrial ablation is a procedure to treat many causes of heavy bleeding. Often, a doctor will first try to treat the heavy bleeding with medication, but if it still cannot be controlled endometrial ablation may be used. Essentially, it destroys a thin layer of the lining of the uterus to reduce bleeding to normal or ...
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Infertility: Should I Get Fertility Treatments?

Infertility is a disease characterized by the failure to establish a clinical pregnancy after 12 months. It is not uncommon, as infertility affects 1 in 8 couples. If you or someone you know is having trouble getting pregnant, there are several options if you decide to seek medical intervention. Approximately 85-90% of infertility cases are ...
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What You Should Know About Hysterectomies

Nearly 500,000 women get hysterectomies each year in the United States. In fact, it is the second most common surgery among women in the U.S. according to the Office of Women’s Health. What is a hysterectomy? A hysterectomy is an operation to remove a woman’s uterus. Depending on the reason for your operation, the surgeon ...
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Is An IUD Right For Me?

An IUD for birth control (Intrauterine Device) is a tiny device that is put into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. It is long-term, but not permanent, and is one of the most effective forms of birth control. Currently, there are five different brands of FDA approved IUDs, which are divided into two types: copper IUDS ...
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What is a Pap Smear?

As you mentally prepare yourself for your annual women’s exam and PAP smear, you may be asking yourself a few questions such as: What exactly is it? Do I need a PAP smear? How often do I need a one? While these questions rack your brain, just keep in mind that a PAP smear is ...
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The Benefits of Pap Smears

What are the Benefits to Pap Smears? Strong Women's Health Women's health is an important topic for people everywhere. If you're a woman who wants to enjoy a happy, fulfilling and productive life, regular wellness exams are an absolute must. It's important to find an OB/GYN you can fully trust. Routine pap smears are essential ...
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