Let’s Talk About Egg Quality and Fertility

We are talking about female human eggs, not your breakfast! While you may know you have them, most women don't know much about their eggs and only a little about their menstrual cycle. Human eggs are fascinating, and the egg cell is critically essential to fertility and family planning. Egg quality and fertility is a ...
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How Exercise Can Help or Harm Your Fertility

We all know that there are health benefits for people who work out regularly. For women who are trying to conceive, a healthy amount of exercise can help with fertility.  Women who participate in regular and steady exercise have a higher chance of getting pregnant than women who do not.  Fertility and Weight  Sometimes weight ...
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Do I Have Fertility Issues?

Maybe you are starting to think about having a family, or maybe you have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time now. Whatever your case may be, there is a chance you are thinking, “Will I have problems getting pregnant?” Fertility issues plague many women, and recent estimates say that nearly 10% of ...
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