What Is a Yeast Infection?

If you’ve ever experienced a yeast infection, then you understand the discomfort and inconvenience it causes. For some women, yeast infections can be a frequent or even a chronic problem that interferes with everyday life. Yeast infections are so common in women that 3 out of 4 will get one or more yeast infections. Whether ...
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Frequently Asked Questions at the OBGYN

As an OB/GYN, we see a lot of things and we hear a lot questions, questions that you may even be thinking about yourself. In case you’re wondering before your own appointment, there are some questions we hear more than others: When should I first see a gynecologist? Typically, it is suggested to make an ...
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Different Types of Birth Control

When it comes to birth control, we live in an age of options, and you can certainly find one that will meet your needs. Birth control can be hormonal or non-hormonal, and there are even low-maintenance options for women with busy schedules. Whatever your lifestyle may be, you can find something that works for you, ...
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What to Know About Women’s Health Statistics

Advances in women’s health have been occurring more rapidly than ever, but so many women still suffer from specific medical conditions, like breast cancer, osteoporosis, and infertility. As these conditions may weigh heavily on your mind, you may wonder what the actual statistics behind these issues are? One of the biggest concerns is not a ...
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What is a Pap Smear?

As you mentally prepare yourself for your annual women’s exam and PAP smear, you may be asking yourself a few questions such as: What exactly is it? Do I need a PAP smear? How often do I need a one? While these questions rack your brain, just keep in mind that a PAP smear is ...
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Daily Routines and Practices for Better Feminine Health

Even the most health-conscious women may forget to take their feminine health into account. However, the female reproductive system is an integral part of a woman’s body that is responsible for the production of many hormones. Taking care of your feminine health is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. ...
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The Benefits of Pap Smears

What are the Benefits to Pap Smears? Strong Women's Health Women's health is an important topic for people everywhere. If you're a woman who wants to enjoy a happy, fulfilling and productive life, regular wellness exams are an absolute must. It's important to find an OB/GYN you can fully trust. Routine pap smears are essential ...
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I Think I Have an STI. What Do I Do Now?

There are many STIs, each with their own set of symptoms that can range from embarrassing to life-threatening. In some cases, STI symptoms may not be present at all for a length of time, but if you had unprotected sex then you are still at risk and you could be putting your partner at risk ...
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What You Need to Know About Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition where the uterine lining that is shed each month during your period grows outside of the uterus itself. This can make periods much more debilitating and can cause heavier bleeding. In some cases, it can even cause infertility. Endometriosis can be difficult to diagnose because it is largely characterized by pelvic ...
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