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Pros and Cons of Getting Your Tubes Tied

Pros and Cons of Getting Your Tubes Tied If you are done having children or have made the decision not to have children, then you may want to consider a permanent form of birth control. Every woman has a different reason for choosing a permanent procedure like female sterilization as a form of birth control. ...
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Different Types of Birth Control

When it comes to birth control, we live in an age of options, and you can certainly find one that will meet your needs. Birth control can be hormonal or non-hormonal, and there are even low-maintenance options for women with busy schedules. Whatever your lifestyle may be, you can find something that works for you, ...
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Top Five Questions About Sterilization

Female sterilization is the second most popular method of birth control, right after contraceptives. Over 25.1% of women undergo the surgery to become permanently sterilized. There are many reasons why a woman might choose to undergo this procedure. For one, they might be done having kids. Some women may not even want children and therefore ...
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